Basel And South Africa 2018

2018 is another really exciting year for Aarhus Pigekor (Aarhus Girls’ Choir).

Not so long ago, in October 2017, we participated, as the previous year’s winning choir, in the competition “Let the Peoples Sing”, which took place in Finland.

This year, in May, we will go to Basel in Switzerland because we have been so fortunate as to be invited to participate in “European Festival of Youth Choir”. Later this year, in July, we will go to Tshwane (Pretoria)in South Africa to participate in the competition “WorldChoir Games”.

”European Festival of Youth Choir” in Basel is recognised as one of the most important events for ambitious and skilful children’s and youth choirs in the world. At the festival, ten European children’s and youth choirs, one choir from an overseas country (this year from South Africa), as well as seven choirs from Switzerland are selected. During the five days’ festival, we will sing as many as seven concerts! This includes participating in the opening and closing concerts, church concerts, a joint concert with all the participating choirs and a workshop together with the Swiss choir Incantanti. It will be five days with many new experiences and we will certainly return home as a choir richer in experience, with many new choir acquaintances and a broadened horizon. 

Not too long after we return from Basel, we will be on the road again.

In July we will participate in the international competition “World Choir Games” in Tshwane, South Africa. Here we will partake in one of the largest international choir competitions together with choirs from all over the world. Aarhus Pigekor participates in two categories: “sacral music with accompaniment” and “female choir”. Some of the world’s best choirs participate in this competition and we hope we will be able to defend our fourth place, or maybe even move up a step or two on Interkultur’s ranking list of the best female choirs in the world. We also hope to improve our rank as number 40, on the overall world ranking of choirs which have participate in Interkultur’s competitions.

With all this travel activity you might think that we would not have time to sing at home, in Denmark, but this is, of course, not the case. In the course of the year we will host our own concerts, participate in the traditional “giant choir concert” in Aarhus Domkirke (Aarhus Cathedral), as well as participate in the grand choir project “Stemmer bygger bro” (Voices build bridges) in Aarhus Festuge (Aarhus Festival Week). These are all projects which we look very much forward to be a part of and contribute to.



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